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maxgeo data solutions for the mining and exploration industry.

One connected system
Drilling Management

Integrate drill program data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

The automation and integration of all aspects to the drilling program allow for a suite of comprehensive drilling dashboards that revolutionises the way drilling data is interpreted and decisions are made.

Assay Management

When assay results matter, quality data is important in the decision process.

Our assay management solution offers a streamlined quality control methodology to ensure you have access to data that can be easily audited and validated.

Assay Management
Sample Management

Tracking sample governance of a valuable asset, ensuring quality control throughout the entire workflow.

Sample management solution allows for a suite of comprehensive dashboards that allow you to track sample progress through the system.

Land Monitoring

A powerful land monitoring solution to monitor your tenure, and keep an eye on other areas of interest - in real time.

Live connection with Australian and Canadian mines department, to download tenure data and integrate with geological data in DataShed5.

Land Monitoring
Cloud Data Management

Cloud based data management supports a single platform to integrated data which is accessible anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

Maximise the potential of your data and drive your business toward growth, innovation, and sustained success.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a future where success knows no bounds – powered by maxgeo solutions.

Our vision

As the technological landscape shifts, we aspire to embrace this new era of innovation and help transform how resource companies manage their data

By adopting data disruption, leveraging data-driven strategies, automation and analytics practices, we aim to pave the way for a more efficient, responsible and forward-thinking exploration and mining sector.

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