Drilling and Sampling

Streamline drilling data management. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.


DataShed5 is an integrated drilling and sampling data management solution that enhances operational insights and facilitates better business decisions.

The centralised platform automates processes, enabling digital transformation and real-time access to integrated data. Improve your business efficiencies and save up to 60% in data management costs and administration time!


Enter details into the database to monitor performance and costs in real-time.

  • Import drill contracts
  • Enter single or multiple contracts
  • Import planned drill holes
  • Connect third-party GIS and mining software
  • Setup standard logging profiles


Automatically capture files for real-time monitoring.

  • Capture PLODS/DDR in multiple formats such as API, CSV, and mobile.
  • Connect to thrid party drilling hubs
  • Capture geological LogChief/LogChief Lite
  • Use online and offline
  • Validate at the point of data entry
  • Upload downhole surveys from third party sites
  • Track samples dispatched from the drill rig and the sample turn-around


Monitor drill program performance in real-time.

  • Geological strip log
  • Track drill rig performance through meterage per shift and cost per shift
  • Track consumables
  • Track costs in real time
  • Reconcile DDR/PLOD budgets against actuals
  • Audit drill holes

Drilling Summary Chart

From DataShed5 you can filter your drill and sampling and view in a number of charts, as well as download in a variety of formats.

Drill Rig Performance

A suite of charts that allows for the management of metres per shift, per rig and over a specified timeline.


Manage drilling consumables for each rig to avoid contract leakage.

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