LogChief Lite

Streamlined cloud logging for mining and exploration, powered by emerging technology. Platform agnostic.

Discover the seamless experience of capturing geological data with LogChief Lite.

Platform agnostic and low on administration, this online/offline application effortlessly sets up new users and permissions from a centralised administration point (DataShed5).

Easily keep track of and switch between devices with a single click. Access the application anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of creating multiple configuration databases.

LogChief Lite – low on administration, rapid data capture and simplified integration.

Simple to use
LogChief Lite is an agnostic progressive web application that can be used on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems on any device.

Automated Loading of Planned Drill Holes
LogChief Lite automatically loads planned drill holes from the master database. Helping to eliminate manual processes and track drill hole status.

Reliable Data Capture and Sync
LogChief Lite guarantees accurate data capture at the source, even in remote locations without internet connection. While online, users can seamlessly sync logged data back to the database with a single click. Teams can then visualize, filter, monitor, report, and collaborate seamlessly.

Effortless management
It is easy to maintain – with just a click of a button you can upgrade to the latest version. Pin the application to your taskbar for quick access.

LogChief Lite in Action


Our client, a mining company, was facing challenges in capturing, managing and analysing its geological data from multiple drill sites.

They were using outdated and incompatible software that required manual data entry, transfer and validation.


The company decided to adopt LogChief Lite which allowed them to log data online or offline on any device with a web browser.

LogChief Lite synchronises the data to DataShed5, a cloud-based data management and analysis platform that provides insights and reports.


The company has improved its data quality, efficiency and security. They have reduced data entry errors, delays and costs by eliminating manual processes.

This gives them a competitive edge in the mining industry by using LogChief Lite as a cloud-based geological logging software.

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