Adding value to your most important asset… exploration and mining data.

DataShed5 will integrate your data like never before for business analysis.

DataShed5 integrates strategy, mining and exploration data into a single platform. Continuously adding value to your company’s most important asset – data.

The application is offered in three forms: Administrator, UserPlus and User.

  • Access from anywhere
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Rapid connection
  • Faster and tailored insights
  • Out of the box
Product features:
example of Drilling rig performance screen shot on maxgeo website. Streamline drill program management page.

Automated Loading of Files: The solution “just works” with automation. Loads files such as assay, pXRF, DDR/PLODS, downhole surveys and hyperspectral – this helps eliminate manual processes and reduce costs.

Export: Select and export data in various formats, including formats suitable to load into exploration/mining applications.

Governance: The ecosystem has built-in governance to manage security, compliance, privacy, interoperability and access to all your data and apps.

Service Models: Although we see increased deployment in the cloud (SaaS and PaaS) the solution can also be deployed On-Prem.

Connectivity: Connect to data and applications most critical to your business through API’s and get better insights.

eaxample of a Drilling Summary Chart screen view for the maxgeo website on the Streamline drill program management page.

Drilling Management: Manage the “end to end” drilling activities from planning, contract input, integration of drilling and geological data, reporting and reconciliation of costs.

Assay Management: Powerful assay management tools that allow for QC on automatically loaded assay files. View QAQC charts in real time.

Spatial View: Visualise your drilling and point sample data on multiple geological images.

Sample Management: Manage samples from the point of collection at the drill rig or rig, and track until results are in the database.

Reporting and Charts: Access to integrated data sets allows for richer reporting and charting in real-time.

DataShed5 in Action


Our client had issues with onsite personnel having delayed access to the most up-to-date assay data due to the centralisation of data management in Perth.


Implementing DataShed5 provided onsite users access to the latest data with minimal cost overheads even with poor site communications.


The onsite staff were empowered with the data they needed to make informed decisions.

DataShed on your screen

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geologist using a pXRF analyser in the field to capture geological data
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