Capture quality data at the source like never before.

A major initiative of maxgeo is the development of MxApps for LogChief.

These apps make the most of captured data, resulting in a better experience in the field or pit.

  • Geological Logging
  • Geotechnical Logging
  • Mining Data Capture
  • Drill Rig Data Management
  • Sample Dispatch Management
  • Spatial Viewing and Validation
  • Collect quality data with a full audit trail
  • Scalable solution to suit juniors or enterprise
  • Real-time collaboration with team and data sharing via web or mobile device
  • Integration with public API to 3rd party applications
  • Use live data: Connect directly to the database.
Product features

Geological and Geotechnical Logging: Fast, visual logging of Geology and Geotechnical information. Simple data collection templates with data validation rules generated from the database or via a Wizard.

Drill Rig: Simple templates to capture DDR/PLOD information.

Sample Dispatch: Create sample dispatch reports to send to the labs.

Full Audit Trail: Eliminate errors. High levels of data validation means clean data with less rework.

Connect Directly to the Database: One click synchronisation of your logged data to your database.

Export/Import: Select and export data in various formats. Or formats suitable to load into exploration/mining applications. Load files such as assay, pXRF, DDR/PLODS, downhole surveys and hyperspectral, which help eliminate manual processes and reduce costs.


Our client was juggling Daily Drill Reports, invoices and Excel spreadsheets to determine whether their driller was making reasonable progress and abiding by their contract. Capturing these with LogChief provided a simple solution!


maxgeo was able to integrate all the  Daily Drill Reports (known as PLODs in Australia) into a folder or capture them within LogChief. Within seconds that information was in the company database and viewable in DataShed5.


Our client now goes to the Drilling Dashboard, selects a date range and driller, or series of drill holes and instantly has visual graphs to show what progress has been made and how much the driller is costing compared to the contract.

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