Land Monitoring

Land monitoring is integrated into one easy-to-manage solution.

Powerful monitoring tool

We’re delivering your data straight from the Mines Department to your database. A powerful suite of intelligence tools to monitor your own and competitors’ activities.

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Automatically uploaded detail on land tenure to monitor in real-time.

  • Import your land tenure to monitor
  • Import areas of interest to monitor


Synchronise with various mines departments.

  • Connect with Australian and Canadian mines departments


Real-time reporting on land monitoring.

  • Dynamic Tenements
  • Land Monitoring Alerts
  • Auditing Reports

Dynamic Tenements

DataShed5 clients can now dynamically view land tenure of interest. Customise your dashboard to view and report on land tenure at the frequency of your choice. Choose from various map styles to underlay land tenure; magnetic, radiometric, bouger gravity and more.

  • Tenement outlines and supporting information automatically loaded
  • Choose your frequency
  • Add in areas of interest, watch boundaries

Land Monitoring Alerts

Monitor your company’s tenement outlines and areas of interest, and watch competitor boundaries. Continually track projects of interest. Customised colour-coding for a tailored visual representation and live overnight information access direct from your dashboard.

  • Holder Changes. Area Changes
  • New Applications. Newly Granted
  • Withdrawals. Expiries. Surrenders. Forfeitures

Data Validation Simplified

Validating your critical data against the relevant Mines Department records made easy. Receive audit reports direct to your desktop and cross-check your records for rapid identification of discrepancies that may save your most important assets.

  • Application, Grant and Expiry dates
  • Area Units, Holders
  • Status, Types and IDs

Our Land Monitoring Team can help you explore a tailored system for your company.

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