Improve Business Processes: The Future is Automation

7 December 2023
1 min read
Image of world globe made from data lines

An ever-increasing number of mining and exploration companies are embracing the automation revolution. This automation has a significant impact on businesses, potentially reducing data management costs and time by up to 60%, which is truly impressive!

Automation is a key function for our applications and solutions. With DataShed we now assist clients to automate loading of various supplied digital files, including:

✅ Assay
✅ pXRF
✅ Down-hole survey
✅ Hyperspectral

The automation process diminishes reliance on manual processes and human intervention, resulting in substantial time and cost savings while allowing companies to concentrate on their core activities. With data seamlessly integrated and available in real time, businesses can enhance their interpretative capabilities and facilitate quicker decision-making.

✅ Reduced downtime
✅ Reduced costs
✅ Improved quality control
✅ Real-time access to data

We encourage all our clients to consider automating as many of their supplied files as possible to improve business processes.

If you have files you would like us to review for automation, please click on the link below and upload your files into the form.

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