DataShed5 Data Solutions a Game Changer for VZI

17 October 2023
3 min read

Client Testimonial with Vedanta Zinc International

Vedanta Zinc International (VZI) is a mining company with projects in the Northern Cape of South Africa as well as in Namibia. VZI is an active explorer, drilling an average of 45km annually with a peak of 80km in 2018 with the aim of extending their known resources as well as making new discoveries.

 Westley Price, Deputy Head of Exploration at VZI explains how maxgeo provided data solutions for the company.

“Executing the physical drilling is one aspect of the work, but, as most explorers would appreciate, the core/chips are not the final deliverable… the data is, and ensuring you have quality data should be the primary focus during such campaigns.

Since 2015, VZI have been using maxgeo Logchief and Datashed software in support of this goal.

Logchief allows seamless collection of data digitally, nullifying the need for data capturing and allowing stringent control of inputs through libraries and drop-downs, which can be project-specific. In addition to this, Logchief conducts real-time QAQC – avoiding overlapping or missing intervals, use of outdated or non-existent logging codes and minimising typos and mistakes.

Datashed is the hosting platform, which is an SQL-based data management solution. Beyond simple data storage and accessibility, Datashed also offers laboratory assay QAQC functionality, allowing assay batched to be accepted or rejected without the effort and time of having to manually update QAQC spreadsheets.

VZI also uses ODBC links with our primary visualisation and modelling software, allowing newly captured logging data to be visualised within minutes of the logging units being synchronised to our database. This allows a “digital twin” of reality to be maintained, which is imperative to timely decision-making.

The implementation of the Logchief and Datashed platforms has resulted in significant time and cost savings through:

  • ensuring rapid collection of data (no need for tedious capturing from paper sheets);
  • reducing time spent on validating data through real-time QAQC;
  • reducing time spent on the generation of assay QAQC plots in support of R&R statements;
  • avoiding over drill by having immediate access to logging/results.

The maxgeo Logchief/Datashed pairing in conjunction with our routine visualisation software has been a game-changer for VZI.

Never before has maintaining data quality and ease of accessibility been so easy, and we would recommend these platforms to any mining and exploration firms.”

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