Easy Assay Management with DataShed5

14 August 2023
1 min read

DataShed v5.2.3 includes an automated assay management process to monitor and validate your assay data.

The latest release of DataShed5, available late August 2020, provides an easy and efficient assay management process.  The new Assay Manager tool allows assay data to be processed, quality controlled, audited and validated seamlessly from the laboratory into the data management system. This allows for quick and easy identification and rectification of failures in the quality control process of your assay data.

DataShed v5.2.3 enhancements include:

  • Monitoring and validating assay data into your data management system.
  • Easy configuration of quality control policies that can include QC rules for standards, blanks, duplicates, lab repeats and screen tests.
  • Instant email notifications of assay data failing the quality control policy.
  • Analysis of QAQC standards and repeats data.
  • An Auto Assay Loader Monitor providing details of your assay files loaded.
  • Auditability and status of your drill program: DH Drill Log Audit report.
  • New options to download data for non-quoted formats.
  • Download data provides validation details of your layouts and schemes.