How Efficient and Effective is your Driller?

16 October 2021
2 min read

If you are juggling Daily Drill Reports, invoices and Excel spreadsheets to determine whether your driller is making reasonable progress and abiding by their contract, then we have good news: there’s an easier way!

Imagine…. you put all your Daily Drill Reports (known as PLODs in Australia) into a folder or capture them within LogChief. Within seconds that information is sucked into your company’s database and viewable in DataShed5 by whoever has been given access.

You go to the Drilling Dashboard, select a date range and driller, or series of drill holes, and instantly have beautiful graphs to show you what progress has been made, and how much your driller is costing compared to the contract. This drilling and sampling automation can be very useful during labour shortages.

DataShed5 is a browser-based application provided to all of our cloud based data management clients. The database has the capacity to store all data in relation to your drilling contract and daily drilling records. The drilling summary dashboard in DataShed5 can provide real-time access to the current depth of drill holes and cumulative drilling costs.

The dashboard shows total costs, metres drilled per shift, and the total cost per metre for each day over the selected period. The pie chart at the bottom right shows the distribution of costs for the period.

These graphs are interactive. If you zoom in on a section of a graph – say the date range – all the other graphs update to show that section of information.

The data can be pulled into one of the automated drilling reports, and the graphs can be extracted to put into a report or presentation.

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If you have DataShed5 and would like to find out how to manage your daily drilling data more efficiently, contact us at [email protected]. Of course, if you’re a cloud-based data management client, you can simply reach out to your friendly maxgeo database administrator.

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