Embrace Automation with DataShed5

21 September 2023
4 min read

DataShed5 is a centralised data management platform designed to integrate and manage all mining and exploration activities, providing better insight into the operations and improved business decisions.

The enterprise solution embraces automation and digital transformation, providing clients with improved business efficiencies and real-time access to integrated data. The platform can save up to 60% in data management costs and administration time.

Drill Hole Management

The Drill Hole Management solution captures and integrates data sourced from different aspects of a drilling programme. Suitable for exploration, grade control and mining and allowing teams to have a deep insight into their drill programmes providing better decision-making in real-time.

Import Contract Details
Enter single or multiple drill contract details into the database. Monitor costs in real time.

  • Import all contracts into a central database
  • Include Bill of Quantities to track costs

Planned Drill Holes
Upload planned drill holes, and manage the workflow.

  • Capture Daily Drilling Reports (PLODS)
  • Automatically upload PLODS for real-time monitoring.
  • Capture PLODS/DDR in various formats – API, CSV, Mobile.
  • All PLODS are located in a central database
  • Manage drill performance
  • Operational reports to monitor performance

Geological Logging
Use LogChief or LogChief to capture geological and geotechnical information and automatically upload it to the database.

  • Platform agnostic
  • Use online and offline
  • Validate at point of entry

Downhole Surveys
Automatically download drill hole surveys from third-party websites, and then automatically upload them to the maxgeo database. Upload files in various formats or connect to an API.

Track Drill Performance
Monitor drill programme performance in real-time.

  • Meterage per shift
  • Cost per shift
  • Track consumables
  • Track costs in real time

Sample Dispatch

  • Track samples dispatched from the drill rig and track the sample workflow
  • Monitor sample costs
  • Track sample turnaround

Audit drill holes
Multiple reports to audit each drill hole for compliance.

With the drill and assay contract information in the database, and the capture of drill activities, it makes it simple to track costs.

  • Reconcile PLOD budget vs. actuals
  • Real-time reconciliation of invoices

Sample and Assay Management

The Sample and Assay Management solution allows monitoring of sample dispatch, sample preparation, and processes all in real-time. All provide greater control over assay risk and reduction of overall business risk.

  • Real-time monitoring of internal and external QAQC performance
  • Automate standardised reporting
  • Sample dispatch, tracking and reporting
  • Automated Assay file loader
  • Easy to use

Sample Management
Track your samples from the field to laboratories and into the database.

  • Sample Dispatch
  • Sample Tracking
  • Sample turnaround time

Automated assay file loading
The solution automates loading of assay files from the laboratory into the database, providing real-time monitoring of data.

Review QAQC
The QAQC dashboards and reporting provide real-time monitoring and decision-making with the assays.

  • Control charts
  • Repeat charts
  • Screen Tests
  • CRM performance
  • Reports

Reconcile samples costs
Filter your assay samples via the laboratory, by batch or by tenement. Compare invoice costs with costs in the database. Real-time analysis.

Land Monitoring

Land monitoring in DS5, providing visibility of critical tenure-related information. The solution is linked to all states and territories of Australia, and automatically captures information as it is made available.

  • Dynamic Tenements
  • Land Monitoring Alerts
  • Auditing Reports

Dynamic Tenements
Upload your tenements, and tenements in other areas of interest, and view them spatially in DataShed5. Any changes to the tenements are updated on a daily basis

Automated Alerts
Receive alerts direct to your inbox. Alert reports can include Holder Changes and Area Changes, New Applications and Withdrawals, Expiries,​ Surrenders and Forfeitures

Auditing Reports
Validate your critical tenement data with Audit Reports. Instantly crosscheck with the relevant Mines Department data.

Spatial Interface

Filtering downloads
From DataShed5 you can filter your data and download in a variety of formats

Numerous reports are available through the interface along with charts to monitor drilling and assay management activities.

Preloaded raster images
DataShed5 has a number of preloaded geological raster images such as magnetic, radiometric and Bouguer gravity.

Add your own raster images
You can load your own raster images into DataShed5.

Data Capture
Use LogChief or LogChief Lite to capture geological and geotechnical data, and synchronise in real-time to the database. The application allows for the elimination of manual errors, reducing administration time.

Geological – LogChief
Geological and geotechnical information can be captured and validated with LogChief, then synchronised in real-time to the database.  LogChief includes functions such as sample dispatch, strip log, and barcode scanning.

More automated features in LogChief
The data management solution allows for automated capture of files such as downhole surveys, pXRF, DDR/PLODS, hyperspectral and LAS.

If you are juggling multiple sources of information, invoices and Excel spreadsheets to determine whether your resource programs are a success, then we have good news: There’s an easier way!

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