NTM Gold Improve Important Timelines with LogChief

24 November 2021
2 min read

maxgeo has recently developed a function, MxSync, that allows our hosted clients, that have LogChief, to automatically synchronise their logged data with their database, allowing for real-time decision making.

NTM Gold, a maxgeo cloud-based data management client, has seven field staff actively exploring in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. The company has been using LogChief for a year and a half to collect geological data. They recently installed the MxSync functionality to LogChief so that they could automatically synchronise their data to the cloud-based solution.h their database, allowing for real-time decision-making.

A workflow challenge with NTM Gold, and many other exploration companies, is that often their geological logged data is sent to a database administrator, who manually checks the file and uploads the information. If there were any errors in the data, it might require some correspondence to resolve, slowing down the company’s ability to make use of the data.

maxgeo has developed MxSync for the logging application, LogChief that automatically synchronises the data to the database, when an internet connection is in place.

Nathan Sexton, a geologist for NTM Gold, automatically uploads his drilling data every night when he returns from the rig.

“Getting our drilling data onto our database instantaneously, now saves me up to half an hour each day. If there’s a minor change I need to make, I can just make it quickly and upload my data, then check on DataShed5 interface that it has gone through”, Nathan explained.

NTM Gold’s Exploration Manager, Georgina Clark, has been able to make important decisions more rapidly as a result of having the data straight away.

“When there is drilling going on, our field staff use MxSync to update the database every evening. This enables me to make calls immediately, and remotely, about the order or progression of drillholes”, Georgina said.

Automatic uploading of field data is now part of the NTM Gold way of working, saving field crew hours each week and enabling the explorer to be more nimble with its decision-making.

“It’s a good timesaver, and it enables the geologist to fix any error immediately. Combined with DataShed5, you can plot the drillholes instantly and look for coordinate errors”, Georgina said.

“I would recommend LogChief with MxSync 100% to other explorers”, concluded Nathan.


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